About us


Back in 2018, Gym Convict was initially an idea built upon clothing for the dedicated. The individuals who strive to better themselves in every aspect of their lives. Not just in training.

We wanted to create a brand were we could combine a number of different concepts. Our brand represents the Individuals willing to make the sacrifices in order to make those hard gains. Those willing to go the extra mile. And those willing to give everything it takes to be the best.

Our vision is to create a brand, where true dedication is acknowledged. And that with hard work and dedication anything is possible.

We believe we can produce success, we believe we can create something unique, we believe we can make it happen.


We offer a unique, stand out range of gym wear for men within the fitness industry such as Gym Hoodies, Gym T-Shirts and Gym Joggers


“Built to inspire.”

Our niche being a name, brand and idea that makes sense – to every body. Whether you run, walk, train or play sports. We provide the best fits, quality and customer service levels in the industry.

Our ability to listen as a company, to our customer’s needs and requirements has never been better, we strive to develop collections based on what you need. Both mentally and physically.

We are Gym Convict.

Harry. Francis – CEO Gym Convict