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In early 2020, Gym Convict was initially an idea built upon clothing for the dedicated athlete. The individuals who strive to better themselves, not just in the gym but in every aspect of their lives.

We wanted to create a brand were we could combine a number of different concepts. Our brand represents the Individuals willing to make the sacrifices in order to make those hard gains. Those willing to go the extra mile, and those willing to give everything it takes to make it happen!

Our vision is to create a brand, where true dedication is acknowledged. And that with hard work and perseverance, anything is possible.

“Make it Happen”

We believe in fighting against all the odds and making our brand a huge success. We want to lead by example and provide inspiration and demonstrate with certain attributes any challenge can be over come. We want to obliterate the critics to become a global leader within the apparel industry.

We strongly believe this is possible with our strong branding and the unique image we bring to the market. One way or another we will find a way to make it happen. 

"There is no better feeling, than proving the doubters wrong!"


We offer a unique, stand out range of gym wear for men within the fitness industry such as Gym Hoodies, Gym T-Shirts and Gym Joggers


The idea for Gym Convict came about when there was a lot of emerging clothing companies, not one of them represented the sacrifice we made as a nation within the fitness industry. In the beginning of 2020, late March the United Kingdom went into lockdown in order to protect our National Health Service (NHS). The Government announced that all gyms across the nation would shut due to the pandemic which was occurring Worldwide.

"Ultimately after a few weeks this felt like house arrest and being a fitness enthusiast we had to become creative with our routines, exercises and activities. 

Subsequently it felt that we had been convicted for an incident that we didn't commit. Being under lockdown millions of fitness enthusiasts felt they was paying the price. This is when the idea was transformed into a brand." 

Gym Convict represents that even in the most uncertain, challenging times we've faced in our life time, amazing events can unfold, and with the correct mindset we can reconstruct negativity in our lives into a positive experience.

For example everyone of you reading this today can take so much satisfaction in knowing that you pulled through the world wide epidemic. Not just physically, but more importantly, mentally too.

We want to lead and inspire other fitness and young entrepreneurs that if you are mentally strong, than anything is possible. Regardless of the situation, no matter how hard times may get, we strongly believe in making it happen. 

Harry. Frank – Founder of Gym Convict